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Balance Me: Introduction to protein: how, when and why

You don’t need to be pushing yourself to the limit in the free weights section of the gym to need a daily dose of protein. It’s an essential nutrients for absolutely everyone – especially those who lead a balanced, active lifestyle. 

What role does protein play in our bodies?

Protein is important because it’s what helps us maintain and repair muscles. Anyone who’s familiar with that ache you sometimes get after putting in a shift on your favourite type of exercise will probably know that it’s our bodies way of telling us that it’s in ‘repair mode’. The amount of protein you need depends on a few factors like, how hard you’ve been working out, your age, fitness goals and body mass. Upping your intake is great for if you plan to take part in regular exercise as, of course, it helps your body recover quicker. 

Pre or post workout?

The main reason for people choosing to get their protein fix after working out is the ‘metabolic window’. Lasting roughly half an hour after exercise, this window is thought to be the perfect time to treat those hard working muscles. It’s thought that this is the point at which the rate at which your body synthesises protein is spiked. So naturally you need for protein is greater when this happens.

Some believe that pre-workout protein consumption of protein is more beneficial. It’s thought that you can actually decrease the chances of the exercise-induced muscle breakdown by getting a portion of protein in before you begin exercising (but not too close, you don’t want to feel sick!).


Dairy is most definitely a good source of protein. In fact we’ve even formulated products specifically for those who need to up their intake. Our Protein 22 yoghurts for example are a great way to get a few extra grams in on the go! And they come in four delicious flavours too. Plus for the milk drinkers out there, our Protein 40 milk is ideal for supplementing an active lifestyle. With 40g of protein per bottle it’s a go-to source!