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Graham's Protein Range

Looking for a high protein snack that’s easy to enjoy on the go or at the gym? Don’t worry, your hunt is over; our new Protein range is here. It includes Protein 22, which comes in handy 190g pots and can be found in the yogurt aisle.

What makes Protein 22 the perfect breakfast or snack? High protein foods keep you feeling fuller for longer, as well as helping ensure your muscles have the strength they need for a workout… or even just for heading out to work. All that and we haven’t even mentioned yet that Protein 22 comes in four delicious fruit flavours.

Benefits of Protein

Protein in an essential nutrient for your body, which helps to support the repair, maintenance and growth of your muscles.


Why do people managing their weight reach for high protein snacks?

High protein foods keep you feeling fuller for longer, reducing the chances of you reaching for a sugary snack.


What if your focus is on cardio exercise rather than muscle building?

You still need protein to help to repair and maintain your muscles & keep you working out.


But what if you are looking to build muscle?

You need protein to support muscle growth.


What’s an easy way to eat more protein?

Reaching for a high protein yogurt would be one way, but Protein 22 is even better than a yogurt. It’s lower in sugar and higher in protein. 

How Much Protein is in Graham's Protein Pots?

Graham's Protein 22 pots contain 22 grams of protein, making them an excellent high protein snack. To help show  you why Protein 22 stands out compared to other products*, we've produced the handy comparison table below.

Product Protein (per 100g) Fat (per 100g) Sugar (per 100g)
Graham's Protein 22 11.2g 0.4g 5.5g
Arla Protein 10g 0.2g 6.3g
Fromage Frais


8.4g 4.5g
Greek Yogurt 4.2g 9.5g 5.4g

*Data taken from Graham's Protein22 Blueberry; Arla Protein 20 Blueberry; Waitrose French Natural Fromage Frais; Tesco Greek Style Yogurt.

Where to Buy Graham's Protein 22 Pots

Protein 22 is available now from the yogurt aisle of Scotmid stores, Home Bargains stores and Sainsbury's stores. New stockists coming soon!




Win Two Cases of Graham’s The Family Dairy Protein 22


To celebrate the launch of our new Protein 22 range, containing 22g of protein in every pot, we’re giving away two cases of Graham’s The Family Dairy Protein 22 to several winners! Protein 22 will be available in Scotmid stores from January 4th and is perfect as a healthy breakfast that will set you up for work or a workout.


For your chance to win, just post a selfie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with your Protein 22 and use the hashtag #Protein22.