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Protein 40


Lifting, running, boxing, swimming, dancing, serving, scoring…Our brand-new Protein 40 is great for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, healthy eaters or simply those who want to add more protein to their diet. With 40g of natural protein per bottle, Protein 40 is a hugely versatile product that can be used as an everyday milk or for a protein boost pre or post workout. Plus, it’s only 1% fat. Talk about a strong start.


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Scott Baptie

 Meet Scott. Nutritionist, weight loss coach and author he knows his stuff when it comes to healthy living.

Scott has teamed up with the Graham's team to help spread the word on why getting enough protein in your diet is so important.



Win a protein 40 bundle!

Fancy bagging yourself a few Protein 40 goodies? You’re in luck if so. To celebrate the launch of our new naturally high protein milk , we’re giving away bundles including handy new protein shakers, sweatbands for when you’re working ‘extra hard’ and of course a few bottles of Protein 40 too. Entering to win is simple, all you need to do is sign up to our newsletter and like us on Instagram. 

The Pros of Protein

Keeping a good supply of high protein snacks handy can be a game-changer. Not only is protein essential for muscle repair and recovery, it offers a few other benefits too. Protein helps keep your energy up, curbing your appetite (and therefore the likelihood of reaching for the biscuit tin!). So a bottle or two of Protein 40 milk in your fridge can definitely come in handy.

Where to buy Graham’s Protein 40 Milk?

Protein 40 is naturally high in protein with 40 grams per bottle and only 1% fat. It can now be found exclusively at Sainsbury's through out the UK. 


Our Sponsors

The hard working athletes at Scottish Ballet and Scottish Women’s Hockey know all about how important it is to get enough protein. Working as a professional in either sport is incredibly demanding on the body – so making sure you’re giving it the nutrition it needs to rest and recover from the day’s training is vital. Protein 40 ticks that box in a big way, not to mention the fact that it's 100% natural, only 1% fat and rich in calcium.