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Balance Me: The big benefits of quality time

If you read our recent blog on socialising you’ll know all about how beneficial getting together can be. What about getting together to exercise though?! Surely that’s super good for us? The answer, in short, is a resounding ‘yes!’.

Exercising together

By grabbing your #BalanceMe Buddy and hitting the gym, or trying out a new type of exercise, you’re doing a number of incredible things. Firstly, by getting active together you’re doubling your motivation – by keeping each other accountable you’re much more likely to hit your targets, whether that be the number of days you exercise or hitting that PB on the weights rack! You’ll also have someone to share your progress with, doubling the satisfaction. Not only that but the extra encouragement and friendly competition means that you can save money on the cost of a personal trainer. Quids in.

Reward yourselves!

So, you and your #BalanceMe Buddy have made all that progress with your fitness and had a blast along the way. Time for a celebration (yes, treating yourself counts as balance!)… but you don’t want to undo all your hard work by indulging in something unhealthy. Well, luckily we’ve got a dessert for that. Our Goodness Ice Cream comes in five incredible flavours, but without the usual calorific content (only 310 in the entire tub!). Oh, and each tub contains 20g of protein too! Not bad going if we do say so ourselves!