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Keeping up those little habits that add up to a healthy and happy you shouldn’t feel like a struggle. After all, we’re more likely to stick with little, gradual changes than going ‘all in’. When it comes down to diet and exercise we believe in keeping it fun, nutritious whilst not sacrificing taste. That’s the idea we had in mind when creating our fantastic range of products.



Icelandic style yogurt made in the heart of Scotland! Our Skyr high in protein, fat free and and delicously smooth. 



Introducing Quark - a spoonable soft cheese that performs like a yogurt. It’s naturally fat-free and high in protein.



Lactose free, full of  good gut bacteria, high in protein,  Vit B12 and Vit B2. Our Kefir contains 13 strains of live cultures and is available in  four delicious flavours.

Ice Cream


A tub of Graham's Goodness starts at only 310 calories and contains 20g of protein. It’s also got a healthy dollop of fibre and is available five delicious flavours.

Protein 22

Protein 22

Our Protein 22 is high in protein with 22g per pot, fat free, low in sugar and comes in four delicious fruit flavours. It’s the perfect high-protein food to have pre or post work out. 

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Our Goodness fruit-flavour Cottage Cheese is available in a range of flavours and each 165g little pot of dairy goodness contains millions of live bacteria which is good for the gut.

Balance Me Poster

Download our follow along poster to keep on track with our 6 week challenge. 

Are you ready to start 2020 with a bit of balance? Keep up with our '6 weeks to your best self' challenge by downloading this poster and ticking off activities each week which help keep you on track.