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Balance Me: Get together. It’s good for you!

Fact: humans are social animals. Spending time with others isn’t just a pleasurable way to pass the time, it’s actually good for our wellbeing too. We can often find ourselves a bit exhausted and reluctant to chat after a busy day at work or school but socialising comes with many more benefits than the obvious.

The benefits of staying social

  • Better mental health. Keeping up with pals is a great way to boost your mood. In fact, face to face contact is thought to trigger neurotransmitters that reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Longer life. Less stress and anxiety in turn lead to a longer (and presumably happier!) existence.
  • It’s a good way to find healthy habits. Studies have shown that leading a more socially active lifestyle leads to a decreased risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, dementia and a stronger immune system.

Social eating

Getting together over food is a fantastic way to make the most of time with your friends and family. Bonus points if that food is healthy too! Our Quark is a real workhorse when it comes to the kitchen. One delicious and nutritious meal that’s sure to get your chins wagging is our kale and parmesan gnocchi. Or if you just want some inspiration why not use the search bar on our recipe page? We’ve got plenty of healthy, balanced options for you to enjoy!