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All You Need To Know About Jerseys

Everyone knows that Jersey cows are the Graham family favourite, but our love for Jerseys goes beyond their good looks.

Jersey Cows are intelligent, very well natured and are very well adapted to living in Scotland. Their light body weight and resilience means that they can stay out for longer as you go into winter and head back out earlier in the spring, as they wont sink into our cold, wet ground. They also make lots of milk for small cows, 30 litres a day each – what’s not to love?

See how pretty they are for yourself in our Gallery below, or Download our Jersey cow fact sheet.


If you want to hear more about how we ensure that our cows receive the best possible care then take a look at our interview with Dr Graham, you’ll hear it straight from the horse’s (or should that be farmer’s?) mouth.

Our Calves

“Every calf has a name but they’re all called VIC (Very Important Calf).”

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A day in the life of a Graham’s cow

From late spring to October our cows live out in the fields. From November  through the winter they’re inside warm dry barns.

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