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The health benefits of cottage cheese

There’s a reason we’ve brought out three new flavours of our deliciously fruity cottage cheese under our Goodness range. Just like our ice cream, our cottage cheese has been created for those who are looking for something that fits in to a healthy, balanced diet that’s also full of flavour! Each 165g pot contains a layer of cottage cheese on top of a helping of fruit compote, and is pretty great-tasting if we do say so ourselves. But why exactly does cottage cheese make such a fantastic addition to your diet? Well, allow us to explain…

High Protein

Getting your daily dose of protein has many benefits in itself. It’s the stuff that helps us repair our weary muscles after exercise – fuel for healthy bodies basically. A lack of protein can not only slow your recovery (if you’re a keen gym-goer) but might also leave you feeling hungry and generally a bit tired out. A good source of protein gives you what’s known as ‘slow release’ energy and helps keep you both satisfied and energised until it’s time for the next meal. That of course means that you’re less likely to find yourself edging towards the snack cupboard in the meantime. So, with 18g of protein per pot, our Goodness Cottage Cheese is an excellent choice to help keep temptation at bay… but still enjoy what you eat. Win-win. 

Low fat (and sugar)

You won’t find much fat or sugar in our new cottage cheese either, which is of course a big plus for those looking to live a healthier lifestyle. With as little as 2.5g of fat and Xg of sugar per tub, you can keep these handy snack sized tubs in the fridge at home or in the office and know that you’re not overdoing it!  

Good for your gut health

Gut health is something that’s being talked about and taken seriously more and more these days. Often referred to as your ‘second brain’, it’s thought that the wellbeing of your digestive system is connected to a variety of other bodily functions such as your immune system, your ability to concentrate, your ability to convert what you eat into energy efficiently, your body mass and even your mood. So the fact that our new cottage cheese is teeming with good bacteria that’ll help keep your tummy healthy and happy is hopefully good news to you!

Available in peach, strawberry and black cherry (a concept completely new to the UK market), this stuff has got to be tried to be believed. Find out more about the latest additions to the Graham’s family here.