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The Cream Rises to the Top as Graham’s the Family Dairy Celebrates New Organic Semi-Skimmed Milk

Graham’s The Family Dairy announce the launch of Organic Semi-Skimmed milk with Cream at the Top, a light and healthy alternative for those looking to enjoy the goodness of organic milk every day.

Listed exclusively in 150 Sainsbury’s stores across England, the launch follows increasing demand from Graham’s customers for a wholesome, organic milk that is naturally rich in protein, minerals and nutrients, but lower in fat.

The addition of the new non-homogenised Organic Semi-Skimmed Milk with Cream at the Top follows the release of Organic Whole Milk with Cream at the Top in August last year, which has now secured a national listing with supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, following a hugely successful listing in Scotland.

For a delicious creamy top, Graham’s Organic Whole and Organic Semi-Skimmed Milk With Cream At The Top are non-homogenised and as close to its natural state as possible made from milk that comes from cows grazed on pastures across Scotland that have no pesticides or fertiliser used on them.

Packaged in a high quality 1 litre PET bottle, Graham’s Organic Whole and Organic Semi-Skimmed milks will look great on the breakfast table, offering families a wholesome, organic milk that’s higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E than regular milk.

Fresh, wholesome milk from local farmers has always been at the very heart of the full Graham’s award-winning range and the new Organic Semi-Skimmed with Cream at the Top complements the dairy’s wider milk collection, which includes: Organic Whole Milk with Cream at the Top, Whole Milk, Semi Skimmed, Skimmed, Organic Skimmed, Organic Semi Skimmed, Organic Whole, Light & Low and the Gold Smooth and Gold Top milk.

Robert Graham, Managing Director of Graham’s The Family Dairy, said: “We’re really proud of our Organic Whole Milk with Cream at the Top, so we’re delighted to bring a semi-skimmed version to our customers across England, for those who may be looking for something a little bit lighter for everyday use. Not only are they nutritious, our Organic milks have a tasty layer of cream at the top and make a delicious alternative to other milks for families looking to benefit from organic produce.

“We’re delighted Sainsbury’s have agreed to both expand their listing of the Organic Whole Milk with cream at the Top across the UK and become the first listing of our new Organic Semi-Skimmed version in England – a testament to the product’s demand as a wholesome milk as close to its natural state as possible. ”

Graham’s the Family Dairy pride themselves on their investment in new product development, and are always looking for ways to satisfy their customers ever changing needs. Graham’s Organic Semi-Skimmed with Cream at the Top is just another example of Graham’s innovation within their award winning* product range.

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