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Nick Nairn’s Scottish Food Family

A new year offers a fresh start. I guess that’s why so many of us resort to resolutions to focus the mind.

This year I’m encouraging people to resolve to support The Scottish Food Family. This new organisation has been set up by me and a group of parents, cooks and campaigners to make sure Scotland becomes the home of great food.

We know Scotland has an amazing natural larder and companies like Graham’s do a great job taking it to the public. But too often we take our food and drink for granted and The Scottish Food Family is about turning that around and making us proud of our produce.

We’re concentrating a lot of our efforts in schools, trying to improve meals and develop teaching about food so children leave education able to cook but also appreciating Scotland is a great food nation.

A key part of The Scottish Food Family is just getting people cooking and sharing good food.  In Scotland we are so lucky to have a countryside and seas full of amazing things to eat. Graham’s delicious milk, butter and cream are shining examples of great natural produce and that’s why they are always in my fridge at home and at work.

If you are still looking for  a resolution, why not support the aims of The Scottish Food Family and commit to cooking from scratch more in 2014.  I promise, it will be easier than the inevitable New Year diet!

You can sign up to the Scottish Food Family here