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Let’s talk “gut health”

Did you know that your gut is thought to play a big part in your overall health. That’s right – it’s not just for digesting food… although that one function is an important factor in the idea of how important your gut health is.

Gut health. The basics.

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘good bacteria’ being banded around lately. This is in reference to the millions of bacteria that’s found in your gut, the scientific name for which is your ‘microbiome’. They’re the little guys who help break down your food and turn it into nutritious  goodness for your body. They’re also related to the function of your immune system and weight regulation. So it really does pay to keep them happy by feeding them the sort of foods that they like. After all, they’ll help keep you happy in turn.

Probiotic foods

These foods that are especially loved by your good bacteria are known as probiotics. For example, our Goodness Cottage Cheese is one. So’s our Goodness Kefir! A type of fermented milk, it’s an excellent choice for encouraging those helpful little bacteria grow and do their job as best as possible. With a creamy, yoghurty texture it’s healthy and enjoyable too.

Other ways to improve gut health:

  • Avoid fatty, greasy foods. Your microbiome doesn’t really like them.
  • Watch the antibiotics. While they’re effective at killing bad bacteria, they’re also good and killing the essential ones.
  • Make sure you’re hitting your daily fibre intake. It’s a big help to those hard-workers in your microbiome.