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Kefir = Goodness for your Gut

Graham’s The Family Dairy confirms Aldi listing for Scotland’s first probiotic Kefir drink

Graham’s The Family Dairy today launches Goodness Kefir, a cultured, fermented milk drink, similar to yogurt – but thinner in consistency. It is loaded with probiotics which can provide all kinds of health benefits for your gut.

Graham’s Goodness Kefir will be in Aldi stores across Scotland from early January 2020 and is made with Scottish milk from their 110 farming partners, billions of live cultures and carefully sourced fruit.

Lactose free, as well as containing 13 strains of live (friendly) bacteria, Graham’s Goodness Kefir is high in protein, calcium and vitamins (B12 and B2) too. ‘Kefir’ comes from an ancient Russian word that means ‘pleasure drink’ – so it’s not just good for you – it tastes delicious too!

With over half* of the UK (59%) currently suffering from a gut health condition; Graham’s Kefir is full of natural Goodness for your gut and wonderful flavour, it’s no wonder so many people are adding Kefir to their daily routine.

Amy Ford, 30 years old from East Lothian has IBS, she says, “I was officially diagnosed with IBS in 2011. My symptoms could be quite debilitating, with the worst being severe constipation, bloating and cramps. I tried everything to help including a low FODMAP diet and over the counter medicines, with varying degrees of success. A family member recently suggested I try Kefir and within 48 hours I experienced a total reduction of my symptoms. I do not need take anything else now for my IBS. To have a completely natural dairy product is ideal, drinking Kefir daily has literally changed my life”.

Robert Graham, Managing Director, Graham’s The Family Dairy says, “Developing new products to diversify the nutritional benefits of milk and dairy is always high on our agenda. We pride ourselves on being innovative, as well as responding to the needs of our customers, so have been working on Kefir for quite some time, getting the flavours just right.

Gut health is becoming increasingly important to our health-conscious consumer, so we’re really excited to be launching our first Kefir product for Scotland. With our new listing with Aldi in Scotland, we plan to expand our reach throughout the UK in the coming months and I’m looking forward to hearing feedback from our customers across the country”.

Available in three delicious flavours; Cherry, Papaya, Passionfruit and Cayenne and Natural. Graham’s Goodness Kefir will be available in Aldi across Scotland from early January 2020. RSP: £1.75.

For the opportunity to sample Graham’s Goodness Kefir, there will be free sampling activity for commuters at train stations across Edinburgh (15 January at Waverley, 12 February at Haymarket), Glasgow (Queen Street on 22 January, 19 February), Aberdeen (29 January, 26 February) and London (Holborn Underground station on 5 February).

*Research carried out by Mortar London on behalf of Guts UK Charity. The online survey among 1,050 respondents across UK and Republic of Ireland between 16-19 July 2019.