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Graham’s launches UK’s first 1% Organic milk

Graham’s The Family Dairy, Scotland’s largest independent dairy company and the UK’s seventh biggest liquid milk producer has launched the UK’s first 1% Organic milk.

The award-winning, Stirlingshire-based family dairy announced that its 1% Organic Milk is available from March in 500 selected Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

1% Organic Milk is available in 2-pint (RRP: £0.90) and 4-pint (RRP: £1.85) cartons.

Produced from the milk of cows that graze freely on lush, naturally fertilised pasture certified by the Soil Association, Graham’s 1% Organic Milk contains just 1% milk fat.  This compares to the 1.6% in semi skimmed and 3.5% in the whole fat milk produced by Graham’s The Family Dairy.   While Graham’s skimmed milk contains 0.1% fat, its latest offering of 1% Organic Milk retains a richer, creamier taste. 

Organic milk contains high levels of the essential fatty acid omega 3 while Dairy Council research suggests 1% milk is also a good source of calcium.   

Graham’s The Family Dairy believes its latest exciting product innovation will especially appeal to discerning consumers who wish to minimise the fat content of the dairy they consume as part of a healthy, balanced diet. 

Since launching organic milk in 2005, Graham’s organic skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk portfolio has grown to be worth over £4m to the business and account for 15% of all milk sales by Graham’s The Family Dairy.

Robert Graham, Managing Director of Graham’s The Family Dairy, commented: “In response to the discerning consumers growing appetite for our organic portfolio the family is very proud to be launching the first 1% Organic Milk in the UK market through Sainsbury’s. 

“Graham’s The Family Dairy is renowned for its high quality, innovative range of Graham’s Gold, Organic and Scottish Dairy milks, creams, butters and ice-cream.  Consumed as part of a balanced diet, 1% Organic Milk is another delicious tasty offering that I’m confident will both tickle the taste buds and be well received by health conscious consumers.”

Emma Metcalf-King, Senior Dairy Buyer at Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd, commented:

“We led the way with the launch of own brand 1% fat milk, and its success, in such a well-established market, has been really outstanding.  The time is now right to extend customer choice so it is great that Grahams will be offering the first organic 1% fat milk in our stores.  People now understand the health benefits of drinking 1% fat milk and are delighted they don’t have to compromise in any way on taste or health benefits.”

1% Organic Milk is the latest product innovation by the family dairy that was started by the grandfather of Robert Graham and his sister Carol (marketing director) in 1939.

The organic dairy portfolio by Graham’s The Family Dairy also includes butter, cream and ice-cream.  In 2008 Graham’s became the only producer to offer Scottish organic (slightly salted and unsalted) butter on the UK market and a year later included vanilla organic within its range of mouth-watering vanilla ice-creams.