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Dr Graham’s early memories

As a wee lad I used to help my Dad do deliveries with a pony and trap.

In 1948 we got our first milk van and that was a big deal as few people in rural areas had cars at that time.

Down the years, other things changed. With more women working and restrictions on the hours youngsters could work, the milk round gave way to retail sales of milk.

The business side has evolved but milk remains the traditional, wholesome product it has always been.

I’m happiest down on the farm with the herd. For the last 25 years we’ve been working with Jersey cows. Their milk is smoother and has more protein and calcium and is very nutritious. I also think it just tastes best. We now have the biggest Jersey herd in Scotland with 300 milking cows.

I’ve always believed, if you look after your cows, they will look after you. We pride ourselves on farm standards and the care we give to each and very cow.

In the summer they are out in the fields and in winter we bring them indoors to keep them comfortable. They have fresh hay and are fed on a diet of cut grass supplemented by a barley and wheat mix. We also give them a special treat called draff which is grain from the local distillery. The cows love it.

Every cow has a name, and looking after them in a humane and responsible way is our top priority.

Health checks take place regularly and we know if something isn’t right because milk production falls. That means it’s in everyone’s interests for the cows to be healthy and happy.

Being a dairy farmer isn’t the easiest profession. It demands early starts and long days, regardless of the weather. Also, the job never ends because demand is constant and the cows need to be milked twice a day.   

That said, we absolutely love what we do. I begin every day with porridge topped with Graham’s Gold milk. For as long as I can remember, milk has been the recipe for success throughout my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way”.


Dr Robert Graham