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How to make

Strawberry, Banana & Fresh Basil Smoothie

Strawberry, Banana & Fresh Basil Smoothie by Graham's

Recipe by:

Jean Graham

We love this recipe – the fresh basil adds a fabulous freshness to this classic combination.
Prep time
5 minutes
Cook time
1 minute


  • 150g Graham’s Strawberry Yogurt
  • 200ml Graham’s Semi-Skimmed Milk
  • 1 medium banana
  • 100g fresh strawberries, hulls removed
  • 6-8 large fresh basil leaves
  • 6 ice cubes

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Not sure about the basil? Try without it, then try half of the basil whizzed in. 

Step 1

First, place your Graham's Strawberry Yogurt into the blender along with 200ml of Grahams semi-skimmed milk.

Step 2

Remove the hull from the strawberries and chop one banana and add to the blender along with the basil leaves. 

Step 3

To finish, add 6 ice cubes and whizz the ingredients on max until smooth and frothy. Serve immediately.

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