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Balance Me: Exercise and its feel good factor

This week, our Balance Me campaign turns to take a look at the merits of getting physical. Don’t worry, we’re not necessarily talking about going out and doing an entire ironman event; exercise takes many different forms and levels of intensity – all of them good for you in some way.

Moderate VS. Intense

Choosing an activity is as simple as finding something that appeals to you and giving it a go! HIllwalking, cycling, boxing… or just a leisurely stroll around the park. According to the NHS you should aim for about 75 minutes of ‘vigorous’ aerobic activity each week (or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity). What’s the difference? Well, intense activity is anything that makes you breathe ‘hard and fast’, while moderate activity is anything that warms you up (but doesn’t leave you pausing for breath). 

Examples of moderate intensity activities:

  • brisk walking
  • water aerobics
  • riding a bike
  • dancing
  • doubles tennis
  • pushing a lawn mower
  • hiking
  • rollerblading

Examples of vigorous activities:

  • jogging or running
  • swimming fast
  • riding a bike fast or on hills
  • walking up the stairs
  • sports, like football, rugby, netball and hockey
  • skipping rope
  • aerobics
  • gymnastics
  • martial arts

Eating for exercise

Getting out there and getting moving is part of the battle, your nutrition (what you eat and drink) is just as crucial in terms of feeling the benefits. Exercise slightly damages the muscles you use (which is absolutely normal and all part of the process of getting fitter and stronger), so you need to account for that in your diet. Protein is especially important in this respect. Our deliciously velvety Skyr yoghurt is ideal as each pot contains between 10-12g of protein, meaning you’re not only giving those weary muscles what they’re crying out for – you get to enjoy some wholesome dairy goodness too!