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    Goodness Kefir

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Raspberry & Rose

Coming soon!

Graham’s Goodness Kefir is loaded with probiotics which can provide all kinds of health benefits for your gut. It’s lactose free, contains billions of live cultures, 13 strains of live bacteria and is high in protein, calcium and vitamins too!

Our Raspberry & Rose Kefir is coming soon to shops, but you can try our delicious Cherry, Natural, and Papaya and Passionfruit flavours today.

Nutritional values

Energy (kJ / kcal) 262 kJ/ 62 kcal
Fat  2.6g 
Of which Saturates 1.8g
Carbohydrates  6.5g
Of which Sugars 5.3g
Protein 3.2g
Salt 0.1g
VIT B2 (µG) 95
VIT B12 (µG) 0,34