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How now… er, golden cow?

You might often hear us talking fondly about our herd of beautiful Jersey cows. They’re a very special part of the process here at our dairy and it’s safe to say that we just wouldn’t be the same without them. ‘But what makes them so special?’ you might ask… well, good question. Let’s take a closer look at these bovine superstars and find out what gives them their status.

Fine breeding

Originally bred on the Channel Island of Jersey, the purity of this much sought-after breed of cow has been closely protected for a long time now. First registered as a separate breed around the year 1700, imports of foreign cattle into Jersey were forbidden for many years in order to protect the unique qualities they offer. Jersey’s have historically been so highly prized that it was common to offer one up as a dowry for inter-island marriages between Jeresy and Gurnsey. Graham’s started with a modest herd of only 20 Jerseys (from the Queen’s own farm at Windsor no less!) and it wasn’t long until word of their delicious, creamy produce spread.

Delivering the goods

So what makes the milk these beauties produce so superior to the norm? Well, don’t get us wrong, our black and white Friesian cows make wonderfully white, fresh milk too – it’s the Jersey’s rich, creamy and nutritionally dense milk that sets them apart. Their milk goes into our award-winning Gold Range which contains 20% more calcium, 18% more protein and more vitamin A and D than any other milk. Calcium is a vital mineral that helps build strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D (also in milk) helps the body absorb and retain calcium in the bones, making them strong. Not to mention the flavour! This stuff is sure to please foodies and gym-bunnies alike.

Nice by nature

It’s not just their milk that’s so pleasant, Jersey cows have a naturally easy-going nature too. They tend to be calm, docile animals with an inquisitive nature. Coupled with their lovely looks, it’s no wonder that they were at one time popular amongst the British aristocracy as a feature of their beautifully landscaped gardens and parks. We can relate, they’re an absolute pleasure to work with!

If all that’s given you an appetite to stock up on some milk, double cream or butter from our Gold Range why not pop down to your local supermarket? You can check where various products are stocked here. Enjoy!