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​ ​Choosing the right milk when baking.

We love sharing a good recipe here at Graham’s. Especially ones which involve home baking (and then eating that home baking of course). Naturally, as a dairy, we’re never short of those crucial ingredients generally needed (or should that be ‘kneaded’?) for whipping up something special in the kitchen. One thing we’ve been thinking about recently is when a recipe calls for ‘milk’ and there are so many different kinds on offer… how do you know which one to choose? Let’s investigate.

What’s the difference?

The type of milk you use when doing a spot of homebaking, does indeed make a difference to the finished product. This is because of the important part it plays in most recipes. Some ingredients such as flour, egg whites and water form the ‘building blocks’ that give your final product it’s structure. On the other hand, there’s ingredients like sugar, oil, egg yolks that offer results that tend to fall on the more aesthetic side of things. Milk is so special because it contributes to both sides; providing the protein that makes the basis of a good strong batter or the fat that adds to the texture of your sponge cake, for example.

Fat content

As you might know, different kinds of milk have different fat contents – this means different results when that kitchen timer rings and your baking’s ready to eat. As well as binding together your ingredients, the fat in milk adds to the overall texture of your baking too. Our whole milk contains 3.5% fat content while our semi skimmed is 98% fat free. Generally speaking the more fat in the milk you’re using, the more moist and fine you’ll find the texture of whatever you’re baking. It’s really a trade-off between cooking up a healthier option or one with a superior texture. Usually, when recipes call for milk but doesn’t specify which, they’re referring to good old whole milk. Of course it’s not just semi skimmed and whole milk that you can add to your mixing bowl (our Gold Top range makes for an exquisite pomegranate pavolva for example), but it’s really all down to how healthy or moist and tender you’d like your results to be.

If you’re a keen baker and love experimenting why not let us know how you get on using our different milks in your homemade treats? Or even drop by with a sample or two?! Wishful thinking perhaps, but worth a try nonetheless! We’d definitely settle for a picture – just share it on any of our social channels and tag us in.