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Goodness for your gut


Graham’s Goodness Kefir is loaded with probiotics which can provide all kinds of health benefits for your gut. It’s lactose free, contains billions of live cultures, 13 strains of live bacteria and is high in protein, calcium and vitamins too!

But, did you know the word ‘kefir’ comes from an old Russian word that means ‘pleasure drink’? That’s because it’s not just good for you – it tastes great too!

Natural Goodness for your gut. Great flavour for your taste buds. No wonder so many people are adding Graham’s Goodness to their daily routine.

What is Kefir

What is Kefir?

Kefir is a cultured, fermented milk that’s thought to originate from Eastern Europe.  By ‘cultured’ we mean that it’s full of good bacteria that work hard to help your gut function. The importance of gut health and just how strongly it relates to our overall health is becoming more and more apparent – but that’s for another blog. 

Traditional kefir is made by soaking kefir ‘grains’ (the things that contain all the good bacteria) in milk. Usually this mixture is left to sit at room temperature in order to allow the bacteria and yeast to ferment the lactose into lactic acid – which in turn creates the conditions for the good bacteria to grow.

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What are probiotics?

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are foods which promote the growth of the good bacteria in your gut (or if you’re feeling scientific, it’s also called your ‘microbiome’). To explain a bit further, each one of us has trillions of these good bacteria in our gut. These helpful little guys have the job of helping to break down our food and turn it into nutrients, in turn nourishing the body. So you can see why it makes sense to keep them well fed and working hard. After all, if you think about all the various functions that the nutrients in your food helps your body perform it makes sense to say that good gut health = an improved chance at good overall health.

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Kefir Info

Kefir gut health

What do we mean by "good gut health"?

There’s more than a few ways to nurture your gut. One of the top ways is to eat probiotic foods, such as our Goodness Kefir – it’s a surefire way to grow that all important population of good bacteria that lives in all of us. Other approaches include avoiding fatty/greasy foods (these are hard to digest), making sure you’re getting enough fibre, and eating your veggies (picking ones which are not only full of goodness but easily digested too). Regular exercise, staying hydrated and a good night’s sleep are also helpful things to stay on top of in terms of gut health. 

So next time you’re out and about in the supermarket, why not pick up a bottle or two of Goodness Kefir? We’ve got a gut feeling that your body will thank you for it.

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'Kefir changed my life...'

Amy Ford, 30 years old from East Lothian has IBS, she says, “I was officially diagnosed with IBS in 2011. My symptoms could be quite debilitating, with the worst being severe constipation, bloating and cramps. I tried everything to help including a low FODMAP diet and over the counter medicines, with varying degrees of success. A family member recently suggested I try Kefir and within 48 hours I experienced a total reduction of my symptoms. I do not need take anything else now for my IBS. To have a completely natural dairy product is ideal, drinking kefir daily has literally changed my life”.