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Organic Skimmed Milk

Virtually fat free, Graham’s organic skimmed milk comes from cows that graze on unspolit green pastures that are both natural and organic.  In a fast paced, want it now world, it’s a little bit of nature that does you good.

Typical Nutritional Composition per 100ml

Energy (kJ / kcal) 145kJ / 35 kcal
Protein 3.5g
Carbohydrate 5.1g
Fat 0.1g

Recipes Using

Organic Skimmed Milk

Quark Quaking Pudding Recipe by Graham's The Family Dairy
Panna cotta style desserts using naturally low-fat Quark.
Cheese and Chive Scone Recipe by Flora Shedden
The addition of chives and Quark bring a new dimension to a traditional classic.
The idea of a cake-like mix inside a pastry filling seems a bit strange, but it just works.