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Pineapple Cottage Cheese

Pineapple Cottage Cheese

We are excited to launch our new Cottage Cheese range in 2017. Our cottage cheese is low in calories, high in protein and available in three great flavours - Natural, Chive and Onion and Pineapple.

Versatile in the kitchen, our cottage cheese can be consumed on its own or added to sweet or savory recipes.

*Product will be available in 2017. 


Energy 392 kJ / 93 kcal
Protein 8.5
Carbohydrates 7.8 g
- of which sugars 7.1 g


- of which saturates

3.0 g

2.0 g

Fibre <0.5 g
Sodium 0.33 g

Recipes Using

Pineapple Cottage Cheese

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