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Our Partners

Milk Sommelier x Dear Green


Graham's have been on a mission to help coffee-lovers get a latte more from their pour - as our Milk Sommelier paired up with top coffee roaster Dear Green to match our award-winning milk with coffee from various countries around the world.

Last year, our Milk Sommelier Doug Wood, turned his expert nose to everyone’s favourite House White to identify the notes and flavours present in some of our creamiest milks, from white chocolate and vanilla to almond and grassy tones.

Like coffee, milk has its own distinct flavour wheel. The flavours of a brewed espresso can be elevated through frothed milk, highlighting the tasting notes of the coffee’s origin and taking your flat white to another level.  Accompanied by champion barista Danny Ormonde, the two have bean busy sniffing and slurping their way through Dear Green’s coffees and have carefully chosen milks from our range to complement their flavour profiles and maximise those macchiatos.

 For the perfect pairing to your coffee, take a look at our Barista Tips.