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Barista Tips

Have you ever wondered which milk makes the best latte, cappuccino or mocha? Well wonder no more! Read below for our personal recommendations to help you achieve the perfect brew and which of our milks complement those coffee classics. 


Flat White

The reduced fat content of Graham’s semi skimmed allows the flavours of your chosen coffee beans to sing through the milk. We recommend a Guatemalan Coffee which has excellent cup characteristics with notes of cashew, lime and cacao nibs. 

Graham's Semi-Skimmed milk


Lending its silky, smooth texture to the cup, Graham’s Gold Smooth creates the sensation of sipping  textured depths of vanilla and toasted nuts. Paired perfectly with a  Kenyan  coffee with its   flavours of blackberry, honey and citrus. 

Graham's Gold Smooth


The low fat but indulgent topping of  Graham’s Organic Semi-Skimmed milk with cream on top  allows more of the coffee's character to come through in the small but mighty piccolo. We recomment using a Rwandan Coffee which offers notes of honey, nectarine and chocolate.

Graham's Organic Semi-Skimmed milk with cream on top


The immense creamy mouth feel of the Graham’s Gold Top with its notes of white chocolate and panna cotta transforms Ethiopian coffee beans, releasing nutty flavours with a hint of complex fruit. A great cure for any cold day.

Graham's Gold Top milk


Our Organic Whole Milk with cream on top lends itself perfectly to the luxuriously creamy nature of the cappuccino foam. The sweetness of the milk merges with the coffee and creates a beautiful chocolate bite. We recommend Ethiopian coffee beans which are naturally processed with a slight spritz in texture, releasing nutty flavours with a hint of complex fruit.

Graham's Organic Whole Milk with cream on top