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Barista Tips

Have you ever wondered which milk makes the best latte, cappuccino or mocha? Well wonder no more! Darryl is on hand to offer his professional recommendations to help you achieve the perfect brew. Read on below to see which of our milks complement those coffee classics. 


Flat White

"The reduced fat content of Graham’s semi skimmed allows our house blend to sing through the milk. In the cup we get syrupy chocolate and amaretto, finished with a beautiful butterscotch linger."

Graham's semi-skimmed milk



"Lending its silky, smooth texture to the cup, Graham’s Gold creates the sensation of sipping molten chocolate, rounded off with a hint of almonds."

Graham's Gold milk



"The low fat and high sugar content of Graham’s organic skimmed milk allows more of the coffee's character to come through in the small but mighty piccolo. In the cup we get the red berry and grapefruit qualities found in the pure espresso, finished off with sweet almonds."

Graham's organic skimmed milk



"The immense creamy mouth feel of the Graham’s Gold and its butterscotch sweetness transforms our Janszoon blend into a lavish chocolate milkshake. A great cure for any cold day."

Graham's Gold milk



"Graham’s organic whole milk lends itself perfectly to the luxuriously creamy nature of the cappuccino foam. The sweetness of the milk merges with the coffee and creates a beautiful chocolate bite."

Graham's organic whole milk