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Our Partners

The Graham's Barista

The Graham's Barista

Name: Darryl Docherty
Job Title: Manager, Bruntsfield Café
Favourite Coffee: Dumerso Woreda

Having stumbled upon coffee while working as a chef, Darryl was instantly hooked, and went on to pursue a career as a barista. Darryl takes a scientific approach when making coffee, and is constantly experimenting with new brewing methods and recipes. His passion for exploring flavours and eagerness to create (and drink) the perfect coffee makes Darryl a great coffee geek to have on board. Read on to find out a little bit more about our very first Graham's barista...

"I started working for the company in October 2012 as a barista and quickly worked my way up to a Manager in February 2013.

My favourite coffee at the moment is the Dumerso Woreda from Ethiopia which is a naturally processed coffee. The natural process involves drying the coffee on raised beds whilst retaining some of the fruit pulp. The process gives this particular coffee an incredible ripe fruit flavour that tastes like blueberry and mangos. It also has a wonderful blood orange acidity and a delicate elderflower aroma.

My favourite brewing process would have to be Aeropress. It's a no nonsense, clean and affordable home brew method which can yield an incredibly smooth, clean and delicious cup of coffee in less than a minute."

For more handy coffee hints and tips, take a look at Darryl's tip page.