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Our Partners

Ballet Bites

Let Scottish Ballet’s Rehearsal Director Oliver Rydout guide you through some simple exercises that won’t take up too much time but can have a real impact.

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle is very important to us at Graham’s, as you can see from products like our naturally low fat and high protein Quark. We’re also the Official Health Sponsor of Scottish Ballet, supplying dairy products that ensure their dancers receive the calcium and protein they need to keep their bodies in peak condition for rehearsals and performances.

Diet is one part of a healthy lifestyle but exercise is another. We know it can be difficult to fit exercise around your daily routine so that’s why we’ve teamed up with Scottish Ballet to produce this short video series, Ballet Bites. Scottish Ballet’s Rehearsal Director Oliver Rydout, along with Artists Aisling Brangan and Evan Loudon, will guide you through simple exercises that won’t take up too much time but can have a real impact.


Part 1

Too much time spent at your desk or stuck in traffic can build tension in your muscles and joints. Oliver Rydout (with the help of Aisling Brangan and Evan Loudon) shows you some simple neck stretches that can release this tension.

Ballet Bites - Part 1


Part 2

In this video Oliver, Aisling and Evan move lower down the body to demonstrate some easy techniques that can help you to work on your lower back and the sides of the body. The kind of moves you can even try during your lunch break.

Ballet Bites - Part 2


Part 3

The spine is the longest part of your torso so it’s important to keep it in peak condition even if you’re not a professional dancer like Aisling and Evan. The moves demonstrated in this video need only take around 5 to 10 minutes out of your day.

Ballet Bites - Part 3