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Learn Things from Farm to Fridge

Become a 'Milk Master', find out why butter is yellow, who invented ice cream and how cream gets from the cow to custard! Three Generations of Graham's learned on the farm. Whether you're a parent, teacher or a group leader, we've created some resources to help you educate our little ones about the importance of dairy in our diets, where it comes from and how dairy products are made. Find out what the Graham's Family Dairy can teach your little lot.
Educational resources from Graham's The Family Dairy

Milk Map

There's a lot more to milk than just a bottle in a fridge. Our milk map helps kids trace the journey from the farm to the fridge.
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Milk Fact Sheet

Our fact sheet will make you a 'Milk Master' with all sorts of fun, interesting and educational information about milk.
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Butter Fact Sheet

Do you know why butter is yellow? How it's made? What vitamins are contained in butter? You will after you've read our Fact Sheet.
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Cream & Ice Cream Fact Sheet

From who invented it, to who eats most of it, our Cream and Ice Cream Fact Sheet will share all the brrrrrrilliant bits and pieces of information you...
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